About Us


Travel company
At LPI Travels, you will meet a team of young and energetic experts who are well trained and experienced in providing services that leave a lasting smile. These professionals take care of your arrangements and make you feel at home. Minute details are taken care of so that nothing is missed. The Company is managed by Managing Director Mr. Vishwamitra Singh & Other Directors. We believe in "Service with a Smile". We use the best system for operations, which adds "Valued efficiency" to our teamwork thus making hospitality not a business affair but a "Commitment".

We offer package tours customized to your standards. Each tour package has been designed to take the client on a journey of discovery - whether it is of priceless cultural heritage, monuments, environmental beauty or an experience of the country in its essence.

Our Mission
The fact that profound culture and civilization is found within the India Nepal region, our mission is to promote tourism into this part of the world. Our mission involves the provision and receipt of travel services and tour programs to our clients with efficiency and reliability. Customer Service is of course held as our highest priority. We will operate, holding our clients and travel partners as being most important - because they are!

Additionally, one of our personal goals is to encourage people to travel the India Nepal region in order for them, to derive the unique learning, pleasure, precious insight and life impacting experiences that are no doubt a part of time spent here and in fact anything and everything under the sun that would ensure a hassle - free holiday for our customers.

India in all its beauty has to be viewed from north to south, east to west, golden triangle, southern spicy trails to north eastern unexplored virgin beauty, to the central wild dense forest reserves, India is beautiful. Come let us go on a trip together, and we will make this the best ever holiday you have had until now make you thirst for far more. We offer the following packages for different destinations and also are more than willing to change the itineraries as per your requirements, just give a try and you will fall in love with India.