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UNESCO sites

Posted by: Vishwamitra Singh

The travelers like Xuan Zang and Ibn Batuta, have written a lot about India and the huge cities of India in their travelogues. Being such an old civilization on the planet, no wonder that India has as many as 38 UNESCO world heritage sites and nearly 40 more in the pipeline.

Here we take a look at these precious sites, not to be missed. Let us look at their importance and their beauty, which made them stand in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. 

First of all, the UNESCO world heritage sites of India, stands tall in the small town of Agra. One of the most beautiful buildings on the planet, The Taj Mahal, is said, "where fantasy meets reality!"

Apart from its beauty and the architecture, fulfilling the criteria of being in the UNESCO world Heritage sites' list, many do not know about the tragic prayer, which Taj Mahal calls out for. Perhaps the most moving feature, engraved in perfect calligraphy on the tomb by the Emperor for his lost love, is asking for help from the almighty. "Help us, O Lord, to bear the unbearable for us mortals" it says.